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The first Blackhole Gopher Trap was built by Jim Pidgeon in the summer of 1984.  Jim a Vietnam veteran and self employed
mechanic took a piece of plastic sewer pipe, remanent of a past plumbing chore and robbed the spring from his warped and 
cracked wood box gopher trap. Then he stole a piece of the plastic line from his weed eater.  After couple beers, a couple hours 
and some serious tinkering, he emerged from his home workshop.  With his invention in hand...ready to catch the gopher currently intent on destroying his well maintained front lawn.  With no time to waste Jim quickly dug and found the gopher's tunnel and
carefully set his trap.  Summers in the small farming town of Tulare California have been known to be hot. This Sunday was no exception.  He grabbed another cold beer, his favorite lawn chair and sought out a shady spot to watch his trap.  As he popped 
the top on his beer and settled into his chair his eyes fixed on a "sprung" trap.  "Damn didn't work"...he blurted out quite loud!
Reluctantly he sat his beer down and left the comfort of his shady chair to examine his trap.  In those few steps his mind raced.  
He was convienced his round plastic trap simply had to work better than the square wood traps!   He was constantly replacing 
his wood traps every other year or so cracked and warped from the dew, the mud, the rain and his sprinklers.  In those days most stores were closed on Sunday in this small farm town.  He knew the options.  He either had to fix his crappy box trap, borrow
a trap or drive 20 miles to Visalia and buy another one.  But on this hot Sunday, Jim would do "none of the above!"

Now lets go back to those couple of hours in Jim's shop.  His design was first based on materials he had readily available in his 
shop.  As he fooled around thinkin' and tinkerin' with his concept one simple thought "you can't put a square peg in a round hole"
was now the driving force for his new design.  His old fashion square wood box traps worked okay for a year or two.  But using a 
square wood trap in a gopher's round tunnel seemed kinda of dumb!  He was determined to come up with something better.

Back to his "sprung" trap.  He stood over the trap convienced it "didn't work!"  Slowly he bent down and pulled the trap from the
tunnel with huge gopher inside.  Over the next six months or so he perfected his design trapping hundreds of gophers in the rich
surrounding farm lands of California's San Joaquin Valley.  

Today FBN Plastics has sold hundreds of thousands of traps.  After 25 years plus, Jim's innovative design, easy to set, built
to last, guaranteed to catch a gopher and proudly made in the USA...makes perfect sense!

                                                              ( scroll down for pictures of the first traps )

              Prototype 1984                    First Production model 1985                   Today    
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